Canvas Painting for kids

The program expose elementary school children, ages 10-14 years of age to a new and creative experience. Utilizing canvas painting as means to introduce children to the world of painting, drawing and the creative arts. While learning about colors, brushes and technique the children will develop and sharpen their self-awareness, creativity, confidence and focus skills, which can be used in everyday life. This program will provide a rich and memorable childhood experience, which can serve as an entry way into the field of arts.  

About the Class

  • Program is geared towards children ages, 10-14 years of age (grades 4th-8th)

  • 20 slots available per Session.

  • 3-week Session (meet once a week on Tuesday's @ 6:00 PM)

  • @ Dvorak Park, field house, 1119 w. Cullerton, Chicago IL 60608

  • Classes Start July 12, 2018

  • $25 per child (includes all material)

The first part of class will be used to provide instruction for the week. Instructor will provide basic arts concepts to build a good understanding and solid foundation of the program. The last part of class will be utilized as “hands on time” for the students. During this time, students complete small assignments with the help of the instructor. The assignments will prepare the students for the final project, a 12x12 canvas painting which can be taken home upon the completion of the program.